Tammy and Uriah’s friend Kathy & Jason’s friend Daniel

Uriah and Tammy have been ministering to a friend who came here in the wake of hurricane Katrina.  She is a former co-worker of Uriah’s.  Kathy is in an abusive relationship.  Her husband is severely demonized.  He is currently in jail but could be released at any time.  Join us in praying that Kathy will flee to live with one of her children out of state.  Also pray that her husband might be delivered. 

Jason answered a request from a friend for a ride to surgery.  The surgery didn’t go through but Jason got to visit with his friend about the difficult life situation he’s currently in.  Daniel is raising his son alone after his wife had a psychological break.  Pray that Jason and his family can be a blessing to Daniel. Daniel is a serious Christ follower.